Sculpting & FX

Cutting Innovations technology is perfect for sculpting, we take your digital model and produce a sculpt fast and accurately on our 7-axis robotic machining cell, although we have the ability to sculpt traditionally as well. Our team members have over 30 years experience in the film special effects.

3D scan environments and reproduce them in foam on the robot incredibly fast. Scanning miniatures and reproduce at any scale, small on the 3D printers and massive on the robot. It's not just sculpting we can offer...there is set building, prop building, animatronics and stage design too!

Sculpting Capabilites
- CNC Robotic sculpting
- Hand sculpting
- Film props
- Hard modelmaking
- Set dressing
- Wetdowns & water effects
- Pyrotechnics & flame effects
- Paint effects
- Set building
- Animatronics
- Soft modelmaking